Your e-commerce website is precious we know that.
So we’re here to help you start, maintain and grow.

We can provide you high-end development service for your website, from the smallest tweaks to the biggest challenges.



Every shop owner that runs an e-commerce website wants to grow. But with growth come challenges. Let us help you deal with them and make it less of a pain.



Your website needs to perform fast. If it takes more than one second to load, you’re losing customers by the second. You need to have a fast website that loads under half a second.


Time is money

Every time you spend time figuring out the technical part of your e-commerce website, you potentially lose money. Let us focus on the tech side of it, you on the business side of it.


Let us help you!

Here are some of the work we can do.
This are just some examples of some common implementations we do.


External API Integrations

Do you need to collect or import data from other sites or platforms, do you need to import a large number of products or customer data, or do you need to export data regularly? We can help you with that.


Membership and Subscriptions

Do you need help setting up a membership system or collect subscriptions? We can do this for you, integrating with virtually any payment system out there.


Tweak Your Shopping Experience

Do you need to personalize your shopping cart, checkout page, email templates, or any additional page you want to add to the whole experience? Let us work with you on that.


Customize Without Breaking

We develop custom plugins for your custom needs.
Instead of installing 30+ plugins from different vendors, have one that does the job for all, from only one team.


We Do Top Notch Code

We know our way around WooCommerce® and WordPress. We have experience with more than 2000+ customers and have done over 500 customizations.


Closed Estimates

Whenever we estimate the work needed for your custom plugin, we do a thorough scope, providing all information so you know exactly how much time we need to execute the job for the right money.


80% Of Our Customers Return

We value relationship, quality of work, but most of all, our customers. That’s why more than 80% of them come back for more tasks to be executed. Once they find us, they stop looking for other solutions.


Inventory Management, Reporting and Marketing Automation

We’ve worked on our own products before!
These are some of the areas we’ve covered selling our own products as plugins, too. Contact us if you need more information about them.

Meet The Team

Marcel Schmitz
Marcel has more than 20 years of experience in web development. He started working with WordPress 10 years ago, and he’s also an experienced developer building native iOS applications.
Nuno Areias
Nuno has more than 4 years of experience in developing for WordPress, with vast knowledge on WooCommerce. He’s also began recently developing for Android.

What Clients Are Saying

Let's Work Together

We’re currently working through a platform called Codeable, which allows you to hire a WordPress expert that is 100% certified. It’s a platform that has multiple advantages for you as a client and us as developers. You should definitely check it out!